As the Trade Show Industry Grows, Veloxity Cell Phone Charging Stations Increase in Popularity


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A provider of cell phone charging stations, Veloxity, is seeing increased demand for its services in the ever-growing trade show industry, poising Veloxity to meet growing power demands of convention attendees as social media takes a more central role in the trade show experience.

Steady growth was experienced in 2014 for the event industry and IBISWorld, a leading market industry research organization, reported that the industry saw 2.5 percent growth in 2015 with growth expected to continue climbing, and perhaps accelerate, as the U.S. economy improves. According to IBISWorld, the trade show and convention industry generated some four billion in revenue last year.

Competition for event dollars continues to be fierce as the trade shoe industry has grown with the top four event planners in the industry accounting for just 5 percent of the four billion in revenue. A major game changer has been the successful integration of social media with many event attendees reporting the value of trade shows and conventions being equated with the ability to provide real-time updates of events and news on social media feeds — an endeavor that requires event planners to provide the infrastructure to enable that.

“It’s about more than providing good broadband. Attendees need to power up their devices quickly and securely to keep tweets and status updates coming. That’s where our secure cell phone charging stations can play a central role,” says Veloxity CEO, Krassi Popov.

The secure charging stations Veloxity uses draw attention to booths on crowded convention floors as well. Brian Siebert, a Comcast Cable promotion and event specialist said, “Customers could walk away assured that their phone would be there when they returned.” Siebert also stressed the benefits of a second interaction with potential customers when they returned to pick up their phone, allowing for a deeper conversation.

According to Popov, Veloxity is poised to have an impact on the billion-dollar trade show industry, increasing demand for charging stations at trade shows and convention events.

“Real-time knowledge is power, and you can only report real-time knowledge on social media with power,” Popov says. “That’s why Veloxity is going to be an important part of event planning for the future.”

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