ASKO Appliances Unveils New Dishwasher Line

ASKO Appliances, designer and manufacturer of premium kitchen, laundry and professional appliances, announced a new dishwasher line of 18 built-in dishwashers that meet the highest demands in design, function and durability. The new lineup will be introduced to consumers with a rolling launch that began in January.

“Our new dishwasher lineup is a testament to our commitment to product innovation,” said Jonas Lidberg, Managing Director of ASKO Appliances. “High-quality design, innovative features and reliable performance are always top of mind and we are thrilled to debut the new generation of our dishwasher line.”

The new dishwashers have the high quality and durability expected from ASKO and will incorporate the following features:

  • More Stainless Steel: The new generation dishwashers have a true full front door panel made from a single piece of stainless steel — carefully folded and welded. ASKO has also incorporated new stainless steel tact switches to provide tactile feedback on their updated control panels.
  • Increased program options: Five new run modes are ideal for a variety of situations: “silent” for a more quiet nighttime operation, “green” to save energy and water, “intensive” to get those extra dirty dishes clean, “speed” for quick and effective washing results and “normal” to accommodate everyday needs.
  • Decreased noise levels: The new line features noise levels that continue to beat our previous models.
  • Clean design: ASKO dishwashers are built-in, and come in two different finishes to accommodate any design style: panel ready or stainless steel and offer three handle options: tubular, pro, or pocket. The new product line-up also features no visible controls or displays on the front of the unit. Everything is hidden on the top control panel giving the kitchen a clean and seamless look.
  • Larger loading capacity: Homeowners can now load up to 17 place settings, or 194 items to be cleaned at once.
  • Power Zones: Dishwashers come with one or two power zones that give you a better washing result. Jet Spray is great for washing tall or narrow items, such as baby bottles or a favorite vase. Wide Spray is efficient for washing larger items, such as pots and pans.
  • Updated basket options: ASKO has upgraded their basket options with more tine adjustability allowing for more flexibility when loading those stubborn dishes.

Since April 2014, ASKO Distribution North America, LLC., owned by Sub-Zero Group, Inc., has been the exclusive distributor for the ASKO brand in North America. The partnership is part of parent company Gorenje’s strategic activities aimed at boosting the brand’s presence beyond Europe and promoting its upmarket products. For more information about new ASKO dishwashers, visit