Electrolux Partners with Cirrent to Enable Appliances with Automatic Wi-Fi Provisioning Technology

Electrolux and Cirrent announced a strategic partnership to enable Electrolux appliances to connect their smart appliances more easily and securely over Wi-Fi through automatic provisioning. The companies have partnered to integrate Cirrent’s ZipKey technology into Electrolux appliances.

Electrolux, a leader in improving consumer living, offers a wide range of appliances for kitchen, laundry and homecare. Connecting appliances to the Internet is becoming more valuable, enabling a better consumer experience with their appliances. It also enables the device to communicate with the manufacturer for repair and warranty issues. And it allows the customer to learn about new services that can be enabled for their appliances through the manufacturer. With all of these benefits depending upon an activated device and a reliable Wi-Fi connection, Cirrent provides its ZipKey technology to Electrolux to improve the ease of installation and activation, as well as the reliability and security of the Wi-Fi connection.

“Electrolux recognizes that Cirrent’s technology can make our customer experience significantly better by reducing the friction in the onboarding of our new connected products,” said Andrea Corda, SVP Global Connectivity and Technology. “As Cirrent’s technology solves many of the Wi-Fi connection management problems that a smart home product might face in the field, it is one of the key technologies for our products in the year ahead.”

Not only does Cirrent’s technology improve the local performance of the appliance, but Cirrent’s ZipKey also enhances the appliance’s ability to connect and stay connected through Cirrent’s partnerships with large network operators. Through Cirrent’s partnerships with network operators, ZipKey products connect to the cloud automatically in more than 120 million homes.

Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent, stated, “Consumers expect simplicity when buying appliances from a global leader, like Electrolux. ZipKey-enabled products are secure and easy to use: customers plug them in and they automatically connect to the cloud with no user intervention. Further, they reconnect with equal ease, even when the home network changes. This is the kind of delightful user experience that leading brands, like Electrolux, aspire to deliver to their customers.”