Fidue Earphones Launch in US

Fidue, creator of high-end, value-priced earphones, launched the company’s official U.S. presence. Fidue US, based in San Diego, offers Fidue’s three flagship reference-class earphones: A83, A85 Virgo, and A91 Sirius. Designed to provide comfort and an unparalleled listening experience, all at an affordable price point. U.S. consumers can now order Fidue earphones direct from Fidue’s U.S. website.

Fidue Earphones are designed by Benny Tan, culminating from his over two decades of R&D and design for world-leading headphone brands. Over the last 20 years, Tan has evolved mainstream electro-acoustic transducer technology exploring micro-speaker design and direct acoustic tuning theory, with the goal of developing unique headphones that achieve “original sound reproduction.”

Fidue earphones use fully customized dual-balanced armature drivers and proprietary dynamic drivers with a special polymer diaphragm to produce full sounds with distinct details and rich low-frequency bass response.

“We’re honored to bring Fidue to U.S. listeners,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of Fidue USA. “Fidue’s unique design and technology provide an unparalleled listening experience at an industry-leading price point.”

Pricing and Availability:

–   A83: Triple-Driver Hybrid 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic MMCX Detachable In-Ear Earphone $349
–   A85 Virgo: A85 2BA+Dynamic Driver Hybrid Audiophile MMCX In-ear Monitor $399
–   A91 Sirius: Reference-Class 4BA+Dynamic 5-way Hybrid In-ear Monitor $899

To order direct, visit