Find My Skybuds App Update Helps Truly Wireless Users Keep Track of Earbuds

Innovators in the hearables space, Alpha Audiotronics, Inc., announced Find My Skybuds, a newly released feature that makes Skybuds the first NFMI truly wireless earbud with location-based tracking. Users will now receive push notifications when walking out of Bluetooth range and leaving their Skybuds behind, while Find My Skybuds will identify the last known location where the earbuds were used so they can quickly be found. Additionally, the app update includes Awareness, or Audio Transparency, which gives users the ability to listen to their favorite music without missing the world around them.

Through a simple press and hold of the button on the left Skybud, users can turn on Awareness, so they no longer have to remove their Skybuds during daily activities, like ordering coffee, running outside on busy roads or even holding conversations. Within the app, users can choose from Active mode, which turns on Awareness indefinitely, or Adaptive mode, which only engages the feature when the pause button is pressed. Pairing Awareness with Skybuds’ ergonomic design for passive noise cancellation customizes users’ interaction with their surroundings while streaming their tunes.

“Loss anxiety is one of the biggest pain-points we’ve noticed among people who still haven’t switched to truly wireless earbuds,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder, Alpha Audiotronics. “The Find My Skybuds feature helps you remember to bring your earbuds with you before leaving a location, making it nearly impossible to forget or misplace them.”

Unlike other truly wireless earbuds, Skybuds utilizes the same Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology found in hearing aids for a more reliable listening experience. Paired with Skybuds’ proprietary psychoacoustic algorithms, bass enhancement technology and a “twist-and-lock” feature to ensure a snug fit, Skybuds offer a truly wireless experience for those with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

All app updates are available for iOS devices today. Awareness and proximity-based tracking are currently available to Android users, and these devices will have access to location-mapping and push notifications coming soon. For more information on Find My Skybuds and Awareness, or to purchase Skybuds, visit