Flow by Sweetzspot Combines Heart Rate Sensor With Breath Control

Sweetzpot, an athletic wearables company, unveiled a combined breathing sensor and heart rate monitor named FLOW, a comfortable chest band that can help improve athletic stamina and performance. Set for release in the second half of 2018 for $299, FLOW will support both Garmin Connect and STRAVA. Compatible with an ecosystem of mobile devices and smartwatches, the FLOW companion app will be available on iOS and Android.

Oxygen is fuel for muscles and critical to an athlete’s performance. FLOW gives athletes direct insight into the air flowing into the body (in litres/minute), as well as breathing pattern, with precise timing. Worn as a chest band, FLOW provides real-time actionable feedback that helps an athlete oxygenate adequately, and adjust their breathing in real time, to keep from tiring too quickly.

FLOW is an affordable breathing sensor that anyone can use, indoors and outdoors, and in almost any sport or activity. FLOW instantly and accurately measures the expansion and contraction of your inspiratory muscles to automatically detect your ventilatory threshold (VT). This is the point during exercise when breathing becomes too labored, leading to decline in performance. The companion app presents your flow in real-time through an easy, understandable, and visually intuitive interface so that you can adjust your effort and stay just under your VT. FLOW also measures heart rate, so you need to only take one band with you on your workouts. This knowledge of breathing combined with heart rate has been scientifically proven to be one of the key factors in improving athletic stamina and performance.

FLOW Features

  • Accurately and instantly measures flow (liters/min) by looking at the difference in the expansion and contraction of the inspiratory muscles.
  • Measures Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate variability (HRV).
  • Detects your Ventilatory Threshold (VT), which identifies your athletic sweet spot.
  • Displays breathing pattern (BP), a visual, detailed view of how you inhale, hold, and exhale your breath, and how your breathing pattern is coordinated with movement.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices and sports watches; Connects with Garmin Connect and STRAVA.
  • Waterproof IP rating of 7 (up to 1 meter for 30 min).

The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign today with a goal of raising $30,000 to complete development and usher in the next generation of athletic performance guided by fluid breathing. During the Kickstarter campaign, backers can order FLOW at a discount and can also purchase an open-source API and development kit.

For a deeper dive into FLOW, please visit the Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/695403240/flowtm-the-first-sensor-that-measures-your-breathi?ref=discovery&term=FLOW%20sweetzpot. You can also follow SweetZpot on Twitter at @UseSweetzpot, Instagram at @sweet_zpot or like on Facebook at @sweetzpot.