Fosmon WaveLink Wireless Doorbell, Chime System, Enhance Home Security

Fosmon has announced the WaveLink, an expandable wireless doorbell and chime system. The affordable and flexible system offers convenience and security for any home or business.

Fosmon’s WaveLink is the number one best-selling item on Amazon US in the Security and Surveillance category. Customers appreciate the easy setup, expansion ability, availability and attractive price of the system. “At Fosmon, we create products that are engineered to provide solutions for a variety of household needs,” says Simon Loh, CEO of Fosmon. “One of the major areas of concern for customers, both on a personal and business level, is security and safety. The Fosmon WaveLink is designed to offer an accessible and affordable solution to anyone to implement a wireless doorbell and chime system in their home or business.”

Products in the WaveLink system start at $12.99 and can be found at