GizmoGadget and GizmoPal 2 by LG Available Now on Verizon Wireless

awatchintimeBringing 21st Century Communication to the Playground, Second-Generation of the Critically-Acclaimed GizmoPal Brings Along Bigger, Stylish Sibling

Introducing the new GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget by LG, a pair of kid-friendly connected devices exclusively available at Verizon Wireless, aimed at helping caregivers keep in touch with their children. The devices have a similar appearance to mom and dad’s smartwatches, but are designed for kids and available in various fun colors.

The GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget by LG are available now in Verizon stores nationwide and online at for$54.99 and $124.99. Both devices can be added to a Verizon Wireless MORE Everything Plan for an additional $5 monthly line access fee.

Second-Generation GizmoPal Keeps Caregivers In-the-Know
Ready for your child’s next adventure, the second-generation GizmoPal, available in blue and pink, is built strong and sturdy. It features multiple LED status lights that indicate if a call or message is coming in from his or her caregiver, and caregivers can set GPS boundaries that then provide real-time notifications. GizmoPal 2 brings along a bendable, colorful wristband that has an IPX7 water resistant rating along with a fun voice recorder that allows for playback with different effects.

Interactive, Smart and Secure
GizmoPal’s big sibling, the GizmoGadget, builds upon the heritage of the line by offering an interactive touchscreen display, a new feature in this year’s lineup. GizmoGadget’s 1.3-inch color touchscreen is big and bright with an easy-to-use app menu. The device offers seven different watch faces, five different themes, two color options — red and blue, and optional colorful bands to personalize the device to your child’s taste and style.

Bringing 21st century communication to the playground, kids can send text messages with Emojis, voice clips or preset messages to their caregivers. GizmoGadget also features a pedometer and to-do event notifications.

Building upon the original GizmoPal’s two preset contacts, GizmoGadget’s two-way calling feature supports up to nine preset numbers allowing for access to a wide-range of contacts with just a few touches.

Accessibility On-The-Go
With the all-new GizmoHub app, caregivers receive scheduled updates and notifications of their child’s location and location history using GPS technologies. Manage this feature and many others from the GizmoHub, compatible with Android devices running 4.0 or higher — like the all-new LG V10 – and iOS 7.0 and later.

Accessories and availability
Kids can personalize their GizmoPal 2 with fun stickers that showcase their personality and passions. Both devices also offer interchangeable watchbands. All accessories are available at