GoldKey Secure Communicator: The Gold Standard for a Wearable Device

By Lorrie Baumann

GoldKey is announcing this year at International CES, the world’s first Secure Communicator, the very first watch ever in the world that is a complete standalone wearable phone. “You don’t need anything else with it. It’s got two organizations already announcing Best of Show awards for it, so it’s a pretty exciting product,” said GoldKey Chairman Dr. Roger Billings.

Look for the GoldKey Secure Communicator in booth #20542 in the South Hall during CES. After the show, visit

In addition to a fully functional Android cell phone compatible with applications downloaded from the Google Play store, this smart watch also has a fast and reliable dual core processor, a built-in 5MP camera, an HD video camera, as well as GPS, a high-quality speaker, microphone, Bluetooth compatibility and Wi-Fi hotspot.

“I don’t even carry a cell phone now. I just use my watch,” Billings said. “I use a regular Bluetooth earpiece, and Bluetooth talks to the watch, so I just look like anyone else talking in the cell phone, except that I don’t have it hanging on the belt. But in a pinch, you can use it Dick Tracy-style with the speaker phone, and it’s pretty cool.”

With GoldKey inside, the Secure Communicator is a dual-factor authentication device featuring secure email and encrypted cloud storage. The watch’s Gold Pay authentication technology means that the wearer can depend on the security of transactions made with a variety of payment options that protect sensitive financial information, including credit card numbers, from ever being revealed to the vendor.

“It’s all about security. Emails sent from this phone and texts are fully encrypted, so that you have a completely secure system. Later this year, we are planning to release Gold Talk, which will encrypt telephone conversations between users.” Billings said. “Wherever a person needs security, you can strap it on and it’ll always be with you. It’s just nice to have it really handy.”

The watch’s security is tied to a GoldKey encryption key that’s managed by a piece of USB hardware that’s delivered to the Secure Communicator’s owner with the purchase. Authorities who want to obtain data transmitted through the Secure Communicator couldn’t get hold of it with a subpoena to GoldKey – they’d have to come to the Secure Communicator’s owner. “The company that deploys this has access to the keys, but we don’t,” Billings said.

And with all that functionality, The Secure Communicator also looks good. “The watches are nice pieces of jewelry. I like the looks of it,” Billings said. “It’s good-looking, and it can absolutely be worn without being noticed for its gadgetry. It looks like a regular luxury watch, just like an analog clock. It’s almost like my Rolex.”