Huntkey Launches Multi-function LED Desk Lamp

Huntkey, a global smart home solution’s provider, launched its first multi-function led desk lamp at the 2018 CES show. It has received a lot of praise since.

It’s not just a desk lamp, it’s also an alarm clock and a calendar with two USB charging ports. The screen shows the date, time and day. With the lamp, users do not need to find their phones everywhere when they need to know the time.  It can charge two mobile devices at the same time by using the USB ports, the total output is 2.4Amps.

The head of the desk lamp is adjustable 180° up and down, and the brightness is dimmable that can meet user’s different lighting demands.The lamp can better protect eyes by adopting diffusion translucent material, emitting soft light without ghost, glare or flicker. The elegant appearance looks like a white swan that makes the lamp a decoration. And it will be available on Amazon soon.