iHome Classic Alarm Clock, Clock Radios, Deliver Hassle-Free Charging for Apple Watch, Qi-Friendly Android Devices


iHome’s new iBN350 Bluetooth alarm clock will wirelessly charge Qi compatible devices and quickly pair via Bluetooth using NFC; new iPLWBT5 clock radio can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch

iHome, a leader in award-winning speakers, portable devices and smart home control solutions, today announced that it is releasing two new alarm clocks, both boasting excellent sound quality, the latest features and ability to keep both Apple and Android devices fully charged.

For the Apple enthusiast, iHome will soon release the iPLWBT5, the first alarm clock radio featuring both an Apple Lightning connector and integrated Apple watch charger. Android users need not feel left out of the fun, as iHome will soon release the iBN350, the first alarm clock featuring an integrated Qi conductive charging platform for wireless charging of compatible devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and other popular Android smartphones. Users can also charge non-compatible devices by using Qi charging enabled cases and accessories (sold separately), or through the device’s USB port. Additionally, the iBN350 supports NFC quick pairing for Bluetooth, another useful bonus for Android users.

Perfect for the bedroom, both the iHome iPLWBT5 and iBN350 deliver excellent sound quality and support a number of music sources including Apple Lightning and FM radio (iPLWBT5 only), Bluetooth streaming, USB audio, and aux-in. Additionally, the clocks both feature a built-in microphone and advanced acoustic echo cancellation, helping both the near- and far-end user of a phone call hear clearly when used as a speakerphone.

“iHome made its name more than a decade ago when it announced the industry’s first alarm clock radio with integrated iPod dock, and even today with smartphones replacing portable music players, we remain committed to the category,” said Evan Stein, Director of Marketing at SDI Technologies. “Our new iPLWBT5 and iBN350 are great examples of how iHome as a brand is constantly innovating its legacy product category to enable users to get the most enjoyment out of their latest devices. Both units were designed to add convenience and reduce clutter. Since most Apple Watch owners have the latest iPhones, we integrated both Apple Watch and iPhone Lightning chargers on the iPLWBT5, making it convenient to charge two devices in one place; users may also now dock their iPhone with most cases. For Android users with Qi-compatible devices, the IBN350 allows users to simply lay their phone face up on top of the unit for it to wirelessly charge, no cables needed. Charging of a secondary device is also included via USB.”

iPLWBT5 (MSRP: $129.99) iPhone and Apple Watch Charger/Clock Radio; features include:

  • Wake to Bluetooth audio, docked Lightning device, FM radio, built-in tones or buzzer
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Lightning Connector dock to charge and play iOS devices
  • Integrated Apple Watch charger
  • Speakerphone features include built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and answer and end controls
  • FM stereo radio with 6 preset station memories
  • Dual alarms to wake to different sources at different times, 7-5-2 alarm schedule for everyday, work week and weekends
  • Charge mobile devices via 1 Amp USB port
  • Auto dimming display adjusts for ideal brightness
  • Aux-in jack

iBN350 (MSRP: $129.99) NFC Bluetooth Stereo Dual Alarm Clock with Speakerphone, Wireless Charging and 1 Amp USB Charging, features:

  • Qi-certified wireless charging for compatible devices – users simply lay their phone on top of the device
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • NFC (near field communication) technology for instant Bluetooth setup
  • Dual alarms for separate wake times
  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and answer and end controls
  • Aux-in jack (audio cable not included)
  • 1 Amp USB port to charge most mobile devices
  • 100V – 240V universal voltage AC adapter

Both models are available at fine retailers including Best Buy; Bed Bath & Beyond will carry the iPLWBT5.

For more information about iHome, its products, and this announcement, please visit www.ihomeaudio.com.