LG V30, LG G6 Smartphones TO Earn Android Enterprise Recommended Approval

LG Electronics USA, Inc. announced that the LG V30 and LG G6 smartphones will earn Android Enterprise Recommended approval in a new Google-led program, following an upgrade to Android 8.1.

Android Enterprise Recommended devices ensure delivery of a consistent set of features validated by Google with an elevated device baseline, Frequent security updates and enterprise-focused features and behaviors to meet the needs of discerning IT decision makers. The LG V30 and LG G6 also benefit from the LG GATE (Guarded Access to Enterprise) platform, which delivers security and manageability of enterprise data on mobile devices.

“Earning the Android Enterprise Recommended certification underscores LG’s commitment to continual improvements in enterprise security and is paramount to the brand’s overall promise to deliver capable and secure devices for any workforce, large or small,” said Chris Yie, Head of Mobile Operations at LG Electronics USA. “Adding this distinction to our suite of enterprise-level capabilities, like LG GATE, further elevates our premium smartphones for business users and increases confidence for discerning IT decision makers.”

Android Enterprise Recommended is a Google-led program involving device makers that helps businesses use the best Android devices and services suited for their needs. Android Enterprise Recommended gives customers confidence by curating a selection of validated devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements from approved partners who have been trained and supported by Google. The program makes deployment of Android more consistent and easy to manage and helps ensure a customer’s devices and services are current and up to date.

LG’s latest flagship device, the LG V30, is the perfect business travel companion, allowing employees to remotely and securely access corporate VPN so they won’t miss a beat. With expanded mobile device management support, corporate IT managers can also control and protect data and configuration settings for LG devices with major MDM vendors. And, with ThinkFree Viewer, a Microsoft® Office-compatible application suite, employees can check important work documents remotely.

Zero-Touch Enrollment and Timely Updates
Android Enterprise Recommended devices such as the LG V30 and LG G6 offer deployment options such as zero-touch enrollment for workforces, meaning that IT managers can simply and easily deploy devices that are preloaded with security enhancements and at scale on the Android 8.0 platform.

As part of the Enterprise Recommended program, these devices will receive timely security updates, guaranteed every 90 days. With committed updates, customers can rest assured that their devices are capable for day-to-day work regarding sensitive information.

Peace of Mind Only Offered by LG
LG GATE-enabled mobile devices are enhanced in security manageability with the support of enhanced Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Data Encryption, VPN and comprehensive alliances with leading MDM providers. LG GATE is composed of four core technologies that deliver enhanced enterprise solutions, enabling the security and manageability of enterprise data – Platform Security, Application Security, Network Security and Mobile Device Management.

The LG V30 and LG G6 devices also offer further peace of mind for IT deployment with the “LG Second Year Promise” program that offers manufacturer’s limited warranty coverage during the second year of ownership – with no premiums, deductibles or shipping charges required.2

For more information on the LG V30, LG G6 and other LG mobile devices for enterprise, please visit www.lgmobilebusiness.com.