LINQ Charger Bracelet Keeps Users Stylish, Functional, Versatile

LINQ launches its men’s and women’s Charger Bracelet. Stylish and functional, this lightning cable bracelet was designed to make sure you never have to worry about staying connected to the world around you. Versatile for day and night wear, recharging time is just one hour and you can sync to iTunes.

For additional connectivity, LINQ has also announced its Ultra Slim Power Bank, small enough to fit into your pocket and gives you one full phone charge.

“I wanted to create a design that was simple yet functional for people with active lifestyles,” says CEO and creator, Daniel Kasidi. “LINQ was designed as a stylish double wrap bracelet that can go with any look. Have you ever left your charger at home when traveling or leaving the house? LINQ creates a peace of mind for those that have to stay connected for any reason; work, travel, socially, or family.”

For a limited time only and pre-order, the LINQ Charger Bracelet starts at $24.99 on Indiegogo at

LINQ Charger Bracelet specifications:

  • Durable, double wrap lighting cable charger for iPhone and iPad
  • Men’s (L/XL) and Women’s (S/M) sizes
  • Supplemental Ultra Slim Power Bank Charges standard iPhone & iPad in one hour
  • Ability to sync with iTunes
  • Currently available in black
  • Double wrap weave for comfortable cable length
  • Magnetic clasp for easy attachment

LINQ is expected to be available for online retail in October 2017, starting at $34.99. For more details on LINQ Charger Bracelet and the LINQ Ultra Slim Power Bank visit