Mobile Outfitters Introduces Fusion Bumper, World’s Thinnest Impact Bumper for iPhone

Screen Protector Manufacturer Creates First-Of-Its-Kind Product

Mobile Outfitters, a US based manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, announced the Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper, an exciting new iPhone product that is the world’s thinnest impact bumper and the first designed exclusively to protect against both corner drops and direct screen hits. The bumper is smooth, glossy, crystal clear and has been proven to protect a phone screen even from 20-foot drops.

Eric Griffin, Co-Founder of Mobile Outfitters, says that Mobile Outfitters “reimagined what a case should look like, pushing the limits of manufacturing, to create the Fusion Bumper.” He added, “Now at just 1.99mm thin, you can protect your phone and screen from drops without adding unnecessary bulk thanks to our dual layer TriACTIVE technology.”

You can view the bumper at

The Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper is the only way to fully protect an iPhone without the bulk that most protective cases add, and the innovative product includes several features that make it stand out from the rest:

  • At 1.99 millimeters, the bumper is 40 percent thinner than its closest competitor yet incredibly strong.
  • The bumper employs Mobile Outfitters’ proprietary TriACTIVE technology to absorb and disperse impact. An especially durable, hard outer layer will not crack or break, and a soft inner layer lessens the blow from any drop. This soft layer also extends onto the screen and back of the phone, protecting it from direct impact.
  • Specialized Corner Cushions™ provide extra protection to the corners of the phone.
  • The patent-pending bumper is designed to work seamlessly with other Mobile Outfitters products, including Clear-Coat screen, 360 degree, and Style Skins protection.