New Coupon App Launched for Apple Watch From Valpak


Coupon App Launched for Apple Watch

A new coupon app will be available for download for the Apple Watch by Valpak, making it one of the first coupon companies to offer savings for the new device and making it easier than ever for consumers to get savings right in their neighborhoods.

“We’ve always been right there for consumers, finding the great offers on shops and services in their neighborhoods. Now we make getting those savings easier than ever,” said Michael Vivio, President of Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc., and Cox Target Media, Inc.

“At Valpak, our commitment to consumers is to give them what they want when they want it. This app is about providing a simple, easy and convenient way for consumers to save. We will be there to do that whether it’s in their mailbox, online, on their phone or on their watch,” he said. “This app helps us energize the savings game for all – for both consumers and advertisers, who count on getting the word out about their business through Valpak marketing solutions.”

Using New Tech For Consumer Convenience

Valpak has become a leader in the mobile couponing that focuses in the mobile space and has shown an ongoing commitment to consumers with its mobile app presence by integrating into mobile wallet technologies including Passbook, Samsung and Google.

“Valpak is there at the launch of the Apple Watch launch, just as we were with the Passbook wallet launch,” said Vivio.

Since the Valpak app is compatible with Passbook, coupons can be stored there ahead of time on the phone and will pop up on the watch screen to let consumers know there are savings available nearby on their favorite shops and services.

Consumers will be able to find savings with just a tap to access coupons for stores and services within a 25 mile radius, and with the convergence of the new Apple Watch, consumers will be able to download the Valpak app and get savings when they need them.

“It’s simple, smart and intuitive with minimal navigation,” said Vivio. “Just as the new Apple Watch suits many lifestyles, the Valpak app will also support busy lifestyles of consumers and help them save money along the way.”

All of the features that are on the Valpak smartphone apps will be available for the smartwatch and will be especcialy helpful when finding savings while on-the-go at restaurants, receiving services such as health and beauty or looking for automotive offers for car washes, oil changes and tires.

“Valpak is committed to focusing on first-to-market applications and products,” said Vivio. “As wearable technology becomes more widely adopted by consumers, we’ll then begin to build out other products as well,” he said.

More About Valpak

Valpak helps people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive through a network of local franchises in the US and Canada. Valpak continues to find innovative ways to connect businesses with consumers and by being backed by the muscle of Cox Target Media, it has the means and know-how to custom build a marketing campaign that meets retailers needs and budgets. More information can be found at