Optimizely’s Industry-First OTT Experimentation Platform Now Generally Available

Vimeo Partners with Optimizely to Run Customer Experience Experiments on Native Apps with Optimizely X OTT

Optimizely, the world’s leading Experimentation Platform, today announced general availability of Optimizely X OTT. As part of the Optimizely X platform, the offering enables brands to run fast, powerful experiments in any over-the-top (OTT) TV application using tvOS or Android TV.

As many as 24 percent of American adults do not have cable or satellite TV, according to Pew Research, as media consumption habits shift towards online video and OTT apps. To keep pace with the quickly evolving landscape, media and content companies must meet viewers where they are spending time and increase engagement and revenue from these new channels. With Optimizely X OTT, product development teams can run high impact experiments that improve the customer experience and provide insight into app usability and design. Brands can more easily reach customers on the devices they use and trust, enabling more authentic, engaging interactions between customers and brands.

“The living room experience is transforming right before our eyes as new forms of media like OTT emerge rapidly. We created Optimizely X OTT to enable our customers to capitalize on the changing tides of media consumption through experimentation,” said Dan Siroker, co-founder and CEO of Optimizely. “Our customers are developing new strategies for these emerging channels, and by extending our Experimentation Platform to OTT, we can help them generate true business value and have a significant impact on their bottom line.”

Vimeo, home to the world’s most imaginative videos, has selected the Optimizely X Experimentation Platform, including Optimizely X OTT, to experiment in their native apps on mobile and OTT platforms.

“As viewers spend more time in apps across devices, it’s increasingly important that we have a pulse on what customers want and are providing a first-rate in-app experience,” said Courtney Sanchez, SVP Business Intelligence and Strategy at Vimeo. “Native TV and mobile apps are a huge opportunity to engage our audience where they are and stay ahead of quickly changing viewing habits. With Optimizely, we can easily run experiments in our apps and ensure the product, marketing and engineering teams are all working together to achieve a common goal — providing the best customer experience possible.”

Designed with product and digital strategy teams in mind, Optimizely X OTT provides an easy-to-use interface that allows business users to manage experiments and get insights, and open source SDKs that enable developers to iterate on app experiences quickly while minimizing risk. Customers across verticals can create valuable app experiences for their customers to increase brand loyalty and overall customer satisfaction.

Media companies can experiment to find the right balance of ad exposure and viewer engagement, or optimize the signup experience to minimize friction. Companies with a mobile app and OTT app can find the optimal length of video to surface on each type of device, or determine whether certain categories of content work better on each. In other industries, a travel company could create an app that delivers trailers for different destinations, while a retailer could create an app that increases foot traffic to retail stores.

Benefits of Optimizely X OTT include:

  • Increasing audience engagement: A/B testing and experimentation with subscription flows, content discovery, ad placements and layouts can increase audience engagement and subscriptions.
  • Cross-app experimentation: With access to a suite of products that all work together including Optimizely’s SDKs across Full Stack, Mobile and OTT, discover the best experience for each channel, experiment throughout the entire tech stack and tailor each app to the viewer’s needs.
  • Testing and implementing new ideas quickly: Optimizely X OTT enables developers and product teams to control feature rollouts to minimize risk, and change an app’s design or behavior in real time without waiting for App Store or Google Play review. This frees up time to dedicate more resources toward developing and running experiments and quickly testing new ideas.
  • Enhancing customer experiences: Optimizely SDKs all work seamlessly together, enabling customers to experiment and deliver tailored experiences across channels and devices, or at any level of the tech stack. Advanced targeting capabilities deliver the right experience to the right audience throughout the app, ensuring viewers have a tailored experience.

To learn more about Optimizely X OTT, visit: https://www.optimizely.com/ott