Original Selfie Fan Company Launches Kickstarter for LED Message Mobile Fan

The Original Selfie Fan Company, LLC and Owner, Inventor and Product Developer Rich Butler have announced the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for the further development of the Original Selfie Fan™ with self-programmable LED messages.

The Original Selfie Fan with self-programmable LED messages is the next evolution of souvenir and novelty LED message mobile fan accessories that are pre-programmed and exclusively available through the company. Both are slated to hit retail stores in Summer 2018.

“Our Selfie Fan with LED Text Messages is the coolest mobile accessory ever,” said Butler. “And now, with the help of Kickstarter backers and supporters, we’ll be able to deliver the world’s first self-programmable selfie fan, allowing the user to download an app to their IOS or Android (OTG) device and then customize their very own illuminated messages over and over again.”

Users will have fun telling the world what’s on their mind, what they’re thinking and feeling, and express their emotions while keeping cool with this clever mobile device. It’s suitable for use at any occasion: concert, ballgame, nightclub, casino, rave, festival, bar, restaurant, air travel and more.

With multiple patents pending, The Original Selfie Fan comes with a clever two-in-one connector, suitable for both IOS and Android OTG Smartphones, a swivel feature, on/off button, and a powerful yet quiet motor with safe vinyl blades. The unit requires minimal battery consumption.

Examples of where Kickstarter funds will assist is through perfecting development of an adapter for the newer USB-C smartphone ports as well as enhancing the Bluetooth circuitry and mobile device apps necessary to instantly and seamlessly deliver LED messages to the fan.

Furthermore, users will have the ability to choose from seven LED colors, up to 16 characters per message, graphics and emojis, and modify, store, and replace messages as often as they like. Butler added, “We are confident everyone is absolutely going to love the interactive nature and exciting features of these colorful mobile cooling devices.”

Interested parties are invited to view the Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1737921376/the-original-selfie-fantm-with-self-programmable-l