Ossia Launches Groundbreaking Cota Tile Product at CES 2017

Company’s Latest Innovation Demonstrates Support Infrastructure Potential by Replacing Standard Drop Ceiling Tiles to Wirelessly Deliver Power to Cota-Enabled Devices

Ossia, maker of the Cota wireless power technology, launched its groundbreaking Cota Tile product at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. After creating significant buzz at CES 2016 by debuting its Cota technology, Ossia delivered another showstopper by demonstrating Cota Tile’s ability to deliver real wireless power to devices like smartphones, while remaining virtually invisible.

Already selected as a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree by an independent panel, Cota Tile delivers real wireless power to Cota-enabled devices without wires, plugs or charging pads. It looks like the standard drop ceiling tile it is built to replace, but Cota Tile has a hidden superpower: It is a device that can wirelessly charge dozens of electronic devices.  Each Cota Tile contains Ossia’s wireless power smart antenna technology that automatically powers Cota-enabled devices — from tablets to smoke alarms.

Cota Tile has proven safe for operation around people, pets and plants. It is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies while continuously streaming power to multiple Cota-enabled devices, even as they move around a room. Cota power receivers are small enough to be embedded into smartphones, standard-size batteries or other aftermarket accessories. Ossia, a licensing company, provides reference designs and intellectual property related to its core patents to companies that are aiming to take wireless power to market in innovative new products.

“We’re incredibly excited about introducing Cota Tile at CES,” said Hatem Zeine, Chief Technology Officer at Ossia and inventor of the Cota technology. “Cota Tile demonstrates the ease of infrastructure deployment, showing potential licensing partners the technology’s potential in products that eliminate the clutter of wires, plugs and charging pads. With Cota Tile replacing a standard drop ceiling tile and connected to a power source, Cota-enabled devices can be connected to real wireless power via the Cota Cloud, taking advantage of our patented, core technologies to charge devices wirelessly.”

Up to four Cota Tiles can be linked to expand the power radius several feet, demonstrating the potential of Cota Tile to provide a wireless infrastructure to support devices using Cota’s patented technology. Any number of Cota Tiles can be managed from the Cota Cloud web and mobiles apps. Cota Tiles charge devices the way Wi-Fi routers provide internet access: invisibly, wirelessly and effortlessly. Cota Tile applications could include deployment in homes, coffee shops, hospitals or other commercial and residential spaces.

Learn more about Ossia and its Cota technology at www.ossia.com.