OtterCares Ignites Tomorrow Today with Engineering Brightness

Across the world, over one billion people live without access to electricity. A lack of electricity means that when the sun goes down, children and families are living without the ability to study, read and grow. Through support from the OtterCares Foundation, Engineering Brightness empowers students to change lives around the world by designing, building and delivering lanterns to reduce light poverty.

OtterCares seeks to ignite the flame of philanthropy and entrepreneurship in kids today so that they can make a difference tomorrow and into the future by supporting programs like Engineering Brightness with grants and by volunteering time and expertise to the program. For 40 years, entrepreneurship has slowed and philanthropy has stagnated. Otter Products, maker of OtterBox and LifeProof, believes in creating things that last – including lasting change and is investing in tomorrow’s leaders today.

“Engineering Brightness is a shining example of what we hope to accomplish through OtterCares. These students are being innovative and philanthropic to solve a global issue that they identified on their own,” said OtterCares Founder Nancy Richardson. “OtterCares is inspiring and supporting the leaders of tomorrow today through grants and other resources and programing. We believe that one young and inspired mind can change the world.”

Engineering Brightness is igniting tomorrow today by fostering students’ innate desire to give and make a difference, kids are learning how to use their time and talent to create change. Using hands-on problem solving and design thinking, Engineering Brightness is instilling in kids an “I can change the world” attitude.

“I thought I had to have a lot of money and be older to make a difference,” said Colby, a 14-year-old involved in Engineering Brightness. “This has opened up my eyes to see age isn’t a limit. If you work hard at it, you can make a difference.”

With each light they build and design, Engineering Brightness students are finding the most efficient way to solve one of the biggest world problems — light poverty. This year, the group has a goal to build 3,000 lanterns to donate to people who live in light poverty in Liberia.

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