Pixel, Phone by Google, Network by Verizon, Protection by OtterBox


One of the world’s most innovative companies announced yesterday it is going to shakeup the smartphone market. With Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″, Google introduces two premier Android devices exclusively at Verizon Wireless, and OtterBox, the No. 1-most trusted in smartphone case protection, is ready to protect them with Defender Series and Commuter Series, available to pre-order today.

OtterBox cases cover Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ with trusted protection, backed by OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection. Every OtterBox case design undergoes more than 238 hours of testing across at least 24 different tests to keep these Google phones in top condition.

“Google’s prowess for innovation is legendary, and Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ are keeping with this commitment to technological advancement,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “Our Defender Series and Commuter Series cases offer protection that keep these devices as pristine as the day they arrive.”

Defender Series offers three layers of protection. The rugged Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ cases boast built-in screen protectors to block out scuffs from the display, while the tough interior shell and outer slipcover absorb shock and block out dirt and grime.

Commuter Series delivers sleek on-the-go protection. The slim Pixel 5.0″ and Pixel XL 5.5″ cases slip easily in and out of pockets, help guard against drops with hard exterior shells and shock-absorbing slipcovers.

Defender Series, $49.95 for Pixel 5.0″ and $59.95 for Pixel XL 5.5″, and Commuter Series, $39.95 for Pixel 5.0″ and $49.95 for Pixel XL 5.5″, are available to pre-order now on otterbox.com and verizonwireless.com, or pick up the case the same day as the device from Verizon Wireless stores. For more information, visit otterbox.com.