Renaisscent Waterless Smart Diffuser Enables Scent Customization

Renaisscent launched their first campaign on Indiegogo for their customizable, waterless smart diffuser with a funding goal of $35,000. Renaisscent combines fragrances made of high quality essential oils with smart technology through an application.

With the Renaisscent app, users can mix and match a variety of fragrances based on their preferences, remotely control diffusion so that there is a relaxing atmosphere any time and also set aromatic alarms to diffuse at an appointed time, allowing chosen fragrances to serve as a reminder that it’s time for bed, time to shower and more.

Unlike other diffusers, Renaisscent does not require water or heat. It uses a fan powered by rechargeable batteries that can be recharged via Micro USB and does not require the use of an outlet making for a portable, safer experience.

“Renaisscent recreates the traditional diffusion experience in a modern way by offering complete control and customization via a mobile app,” said company Founder Alston Wu. “Different aromas help your emotional state in different ways. We offer these benefits for consumers to use in their daily lives, to comfort the body and soul through fragrances, and to make their lives healthier and happier.”

The Renaisscent diffuser is able to house six different fragrances at once. With three different modes, the fragrances can be diffused separately, or the fragrances can be combined for the perfect scent. As such, each user will be able to use their Renaisscent diffuser for the ultimate customized experience.

With the Renaisscent app, users can even control the diffuser for the range and intensity of the scent to create an ideal home environment. Whether they want to diffuse for two, four or even six hours, the choice is theirs.

Renaisscent understands that in the modern age consumers always want to be up to date. That’s why the Renaisscent app connected to the diffuser can show that a capsule has been removed and switched in mere seconds. Customers can always keep track of the fragrances in their diffuser, and conveniently switch to diffuse the new fragrances when replacing new capsules.

Four Renaisscent fragrance capsules have twelve different fragrances in total, which are based around four concepts: natural health, relaxation, warmth, and satisfaction. Formulated around an individual’s average mood troubles such as stress and anxiety, the Renaisscent fragrances can be used to ease these issues. As an example, lavender could be used for people who find it difficult to get a good night of rest.

Each Renaisscent fragrance capsule comes with three different aromas for a total of twelve options as if you have twelve different bottles of essential oils at more reasonable prices and reducing the material waste at the same time.

Now, that dream is close to being a reality. On October 18, the crowdfunding campaign will launch with a funding goal of $35,000. Lucky early supporters of Renaisscent on Indiego can even purchase the innovative device now for $119.