Samsung Galaxy S7 Surpasses Galaxy S5, S6

ScientiaMobile released itsĀ Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) for Q1 2017, which determined that the Samsung Galaxy S7 generates more mobile browsing than any other Samsung device in the world. Previously, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was found to be the mostĀ used Samsung device in the world, as well as the United States, as of March 2017, just a month earlier.

According to the Q1 2017 MOVR, the Samsung Galaxy S5 peaked in popularity November 2015 at 5.5 percent, 579 days after launch. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 peaked in June 2016 at 3.1 percent, 428 days after launch, and remained well below its predecessor until March 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still growing in popularity and eclipsed both S5 and S6 in April 2017 after only 400 days. Meanwhile, ScientiaMobile will continue to monitor the Samsung Galaxy S8, which launched in April 2017. Given the age and size of S5 and S6 user-base, the upgrade potential for the S8 is significant if Samsung can retain customers.

This launch trend history is helpful to e-commerce and advertising websites, who rely on mobile optimization to display their products and services accurately, within seconds to customers across all devices. ScientiaMobile offers mobile optimization, image optimization, and device analytics solutions for 99 percent accurate device detection for companies like Facebook and Google.

In addition to the Samsung device trends, this quarter’s MOVR looks at:

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