School ID’s and Hallpasses Get 21st Century Treatment

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A new system already installed through more than 600 organizations, keeps students, parents and teachers better connected.

A Better, More Connected School System

School identification has finally been upgraded for 21st century lifestyles by the latest updates and installation of mobile apps by SchoolinfoApp. Students can now securely display their official School ID on their iPhone, Android or other smartphone with scannable bar-codes and pertinent information including digital hall passes or other intra-school information that makes navigation more accessible for a tech-savvy crowd.

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Barcode systems and personal information are just a few of the options that SchoolinfoApp employs for better communication between schools and students.

Being used in over 600 schools so far in the US, UK and Canada, their latest portfolio of apps gives users the ability to get content and notifications translated into more than 15 languages for students and their parents who might not speak English as their first language. Not to mention, a safe and secure one-way messaging platform for teachers to send out class news, homework reminders, announcements and more through push notifications that can include documents, pictures and other files.

Iyana Mason, Grant Writing & Communications Specialist for Thornton Fractional District in Illinois had this to say, “Our entire school community – students, staff, and parents – are raving about the new features in our district’s app.  Students love using the app to get school news and track their assignments. The new teacher notifications are the perfect answer for our teachers to have an approved and safe system to communicate with students and parents in today’s mobile world.”

Keeping Schools, Students and Parents In Better Communication

Students are also excited about the new application, as they no longer have to fear about losing cumbersome ID cards as well as being able to be in constant contact with their educators and school officials in a safe and informative setting.

Parents have found themselves much more relieved with the notifications that can be sent directly to their phone about their children, allowing them to be on better track with what their children are doing as students and to help them stay on the right track for a successful school career.

County school systems, such as Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, expect a savings to the district of more than $10,000 each school year in reduced printing and supply costs allowing them to contribute to their Going Green initiative, from the new features of their app.

More About SchoolinfoApp

SchoolinfoApp develops branded mobile apps for schools, school districts and a variety of other organizations.  The variety of apps created by the team of professionals at SchoolinfoApp have spread to more than 600 organizations throughout the US, UK and Canada and SchoolinfoApp was recently named by “District Administration” magazine as a Top 100 product for the 2nd consecutive year.  More information can be found at