Tregren IoT Kitchen Garden Boosts Urban Gardening Trend

The ever-growing urban gardening trend is hitting cities across the globe with an increasing intensity. We see this trend bringing green buildings, urban farms and automated gardens into consumer kitchens. The latest technologies in lighting and IoT have enabled the development of affordable kitchen gardens to be used in everyone’s home. Tregren’s T-series kitchen gardens have done well in Europe and North America.

“We could sense the potential already last year when we introduced our new T-series Kitchen Garden concept to our B2B customers at Ambiente-fair in Frankfurt,” said Tregren CEO Jyri Timonen. “The first time we knew that we were on to something big was when our Kickstarter campaign was successfully over funded. The strong demand continued when we recently announced the start of shipments and we immediately received orders from more than 15 countries across Europe. We are happy to see years of hard work is bearing fruit.”

The success of T-series kitchen gardens is based on IoT combined with the innovative use of hydroponic cultivation. The technology in the T-series produces three-times faster growth, stable yields and the possibility to grow more than 100 different species of plants. The best thing is that this can be achieved without any previous knowledge of gardening.

The three-times faster growth pace is the result of Active Growing Technology, a combination of hydroponic cultivation, the latest in growing light technology and growth nutrients. With T-series, Tregren also launched the Smart Gardener application. The Smart Gardener controls the Active Growing Technology that creates the right growing condition for the different plant species.

“Like human beings, every plant has its own special needs. Some plants need a lot of water when others don’t. Some plants need more light than others and some need to grow in a nutrient-rich environment to flourish, whereas for others this can be harmful,” said Tregren CVO and Founder Markus Nilsson. “This is something that many of us experience as challenging, even to the extent that we don’t consider gardening as an option. With the T-series, we wanted to omit this hurdle and provide an easy and effective solution to indoor gardening for everyone. We believe that the T-series will do the same for urban gardening that iPhone did to mobile phones.”

The T-series isn’t only about good yields and intuitive usability, but also about design. The T-series consists of three products: the T3, T6 and T12. The T3 is the perfect product for small households. The T6 is the family-friendly kitchen garden, where family members can have all of their favorite herbs growing in the kitchen year round. The T12 is designed for high-yield households and public places where continuous harvest is needed. The Smart Gardener works with both Android and iOS devices.

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