TuneKey Prevents Wrong Key Strokes on Smartphones

The innovative new app that reduces wrong keystrokes while using a standard keyboard

Start-up @app BV introduces the patent pending TuneKey app: An adjustable keyboard for a smartphone to effectively prevent wrong keystrokes and typos.

TuneKey enables the user to make the keys bigger or smaller. Furthermore this innovative app not only varies the size of the keys, but also  the touch areas of the TuneKey keys and the spaces in between. This combination is new and results in far fewer wrong keystrokes and typos occurring.

Typing on a smartphone becomes faster and easier with TuneKey for everyone,  also for those with bigger fingers or poor eyesight. This without changing the size of the keyboard  itself  and the reading screen of the smartphone.

When the touch areas of the keys are surrounded by more space, hitting the right key is much easier. With other keyboards the touch areas of the keys lie close to each other, also  when the keys look small. That’s why typing on the wrong keys often occurs with other keyboards. With TuneKey the spaces between the touch areas of the keys are larger in most settings. So pressing on the wrong key will happen far less.

In contrast to many other keyboard apps, TuneKey never collects  or saves personal information or typed text. Emoji/ Emoticons and color settings of the keyboard are also available on the TuneKey keyboard.

TuneKey keyboard offers the solution for wrong keystrokes and typos. It is available as iOS app in the App Store and as Android app in the Google Play Store. For more information visit http://www.tunekey.info