Watch this iPhone 7 Get Sent into Space, Filmed in 360-Degree 4K Video

Urban Armor Gear became the first company to send an iPhone 7 into space and film it in 360-degree video.

UAG’s space experience began in November 2014 when they launched an iPhone 6 up to 101,000 feet into the stratosphere. The YouTube video generated 3 million views, and inspired the UAG team to push the boundaries for a second mission to the edges of earth.

For this launch, a brand new iPhone 7 was protected by UAG’s latest Monarch Series Case and attached to a flight rig joined to a weather balloon. The rig was launched and reached an astonishing 120,027 feet above the earth, providing dramatic 360-degree views from space and giving viewers an up-close virtual experience high above the earth.

As the phone reaches the maximum height, the weather balloon bursts, sending the rig into a free-fall until a parachute is deployed to control the descent. After a successful landing and recovery of the flight rig, the iPhone 7 and UAG’s Monarch case remained in perfect working condition.

During the flight the following data was captured:

  • Max Altitude: 120,027 feet
  • Temperature at altitude: -17ยบ C
  • Distance covered: 14.8 miles